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Possible return of the VI crew? - 30th Dec 2017
END OF SERIES 1 - 29th Apr 2016
I'm back! - 14th Apr 2016
I'm still here... - 6th Apr 2016
I'm running out of comics - 9th Mar 2016
Life just started, I'm scared - 2nd Mar 2016
Ugh, computers - 25th Feb 2016
Is this thing on? - 16th Feb 2016

Possible return of the VI crew?

30th Dec 2017 | Rees K

Don't get too excited (not that I have any kind of fanbase to get excited by this news anyway) but Qan U Not may be having a series two exactly two years after the start of the first series. I was planning on making a series two to start on the sixteenth of February 2017 but plans kinf of fell through because I was 14 years old and didn't know what "commitment" was. Now that I am a fully certifies grown up  (one year later) I've been experimenting with making a second series at home rather than stealing my school's copy of adobe illustrator. Instead I'm using MS paint so obviously the sheer quality of comic art will increase exponentially over the possible next series. There is one small setback though. I'm in the middle of year eleven at school which mean I am totally stressed out by GCSE's. So my plan is to create lots of episodes (or as many as I can manage) while it's still technically the christmas holidays so I can go back to school and not stress too much about a regular upload schedule. I am terrible at being consistent with upload schedules. I tried to start a YouTube channel with a daily upload quota and I only lasted three days. I am frankly shocked that I managed to make it all the way through QAN S1 without missing an episode. And like I said: QAN S2 is only an idea in the works so it might not even happen (butohmyodisecretlyreallywantittihappen) so don't get too excited. -Rees K


29th Apr 2016 | Rees K

QAN U NOT Season1 is ending next wednesday with the release of Comic 10.

it's not much of a grand finalr but it's there so don't complain.

I dont know when I'll bring it back but it will be back some time...


I'm back!

14th Apr 2016 | Rees K

so hey. I'm back. (sorry)

big thanks to Seabiscut, Tibbittz and CuppamorninJoe for looking at my stuff and with your support I'll (probably) keep making comics for a long time


I'm still here...

6th Apr 2016 | Rees K

So it's the holidays here in England and holidays means no school which means no computers which means no Ai/Ps which means no comics.

However, I am still alive so more comics will be out (hopefully) next Wednesday when school starts again.

Also I have ideas for new comic series' so no promises but I have working titles of "project R.O.F.L." and "Hope and Prey" so I'll let you figure out what those are about by yourselves. Hope and Prey may need some work as I'm not completely set on what art style I want to use. I need something dark and semi realistic so if there's any artists willing to work for free... Might be nice to chat...

Anyway, that's all I have to say really. Bye guys.


I'm running out of comics

9th Mar 2016 | Rees K

so i just uploaded Qan U Not IV and because i have literally everything going on in school, i only have one more spare comic before I run short. Basically qan u not V took far too long to make so I'm a little behind. I need to make number VI and VII really quickly if I'm gonna keep uploading on time.

Oh boy. Better get to work then.


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