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Ugh, computers - 25th Feb 2016
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I'm back!

14th Apr 2016 | Rees K

so hey. I'm back. (sorry)

big thanks to Seabiscut, Tibbittz and CuppamorninJoe for looking at my stuff and with your support I'll (probably) keep making comics for a long time


I'm still here...

6th Apr 2016 | Rees K

So it's the holidays here in England and holidays means no school which means no computers which means no Ai/Ps which means no comics.

However, I am still alive so more comics will be out (hopefully) next Wednesday when school starts again.

Also I have ideas for new comic series' so no promises but I have working titles of "project R.O.F.L." and "Hope and Prey" so I'll let you figure out what those are about by yourselves. Hope and Prey may need some work as I'm not completely set on what art style I want to use. I need something dark and semi realistic so if there's any artists willing to work for free... Might be nice to chat...

Anyway, that's all I have to say really. Bye guys.


I'm running out of comics

9th Mar 2016 | Rees K

so i just uploaded Qan U Not IV and because i have literally everything going on in school, i only have one more spare comic before I run short. Basically qan u not V took far too long to make so I'm a little behind. I need to make number VI and VII really quickly if I'm gonna keep uploading on time.

Oh boy. Better get to work then.


Life just started, I'm scared

2nd Mar 2016 | Rees K

Recently I was in a music festival playing music (duh) when the adjudicator comes over and says:

"Hey Rees, you're now in the national children's wind sinfonia. You ok with that?"

No! I'm not ok with that! Aaagh. I'm a (bad) artist who likes doing art stuff. I'm not a musician.

I really don't know what I can do. I can accept the offer and have an amazing cv yada yada yada but I won't be able to make stuff for you guys. Or... I can have the possible job I want and spend time creating the things I want to. I know I only have 2 people reading my stuff but still.

What do I do, guys?

Ugh, computers

25th Feb 2016 | Rees K

So I just had to take down all my comics and then reupload them all.

That was fun.

I make all my comics in Ai (Adobe Illustrator (duh)) and exported them all wrong and my site broked. Not Fun. Well I've got my stuff back up and you'll see more comics every week. Let's just hope I can work out how to export stuff from now on.

I made this so don't steal my work. (C) Rees K 2016